Qulsar upgrades Qg 2 capabilities

Qg 2 is now capable of handling 450 unicast slaves at full packet rate.

SAN JOSE, CALIF. (PRWEB) MAY 22, 2018 - Qulsar, a provider of multiple end-to-end precise time synchronization solutions, announced a significant upgrade for Qg 2 (its Multi-Sync Gateway and PTP Grandmaster for indoor small cells). The Qg 2 is now capable of handling 450 unicast slaves at full packet rate, redefining industry performance in its class of "edge" grand master.

Adding new capabilities to Qg 2 was important in order to offer a highly scalable system for next-generation networks that evolve and expand.

"The Qg 2 is available in highly scalable configurations, easy to upgrade in the field and can cater to a customer's growing network", said Kishan Shenoi, Ph.D., Qulsar's CTO. "We continue to evolve and enhance what is an industry-leading solution with capabilities that enable our customers to evolve their networks."

Qg 2 is an IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) Grand Master and Boundary Clock with low total cost of ownership. It leverages Qulsar's unique industry-leading PTP algorithms to deliver stringent timing for next generation wireless (LTE-A, LTE-TDD and 5G architectures) and supports ITU-T G.8265 and G.8275 frequency and phase profiles.

The Qg 2 is designed for the network edge and offers capabilities for ease of management, deployment and resilient performance in the face of loss of reference.

"We have accomplished many successful mobile operator network trials worldwide and are very encouraged by industry's initiatives to deliver tighter precision of synchronization not only for LTE features but also for upcoming 5G services, which demand tens of nanoseconds of precision", said Minoo Mehta, VP of Business Development and Sales.

About Qulsar

Qulsar enables performance through precisely synchronized time and is a provider of full end-to-end solutions for multiple mission critical applications. Qulsar's precise timing solutions play a key role in solving the bandwidth bottleneck in advanced mobile networks and in enabling real-time applications in the industrial Internet of Things. More information is available at http://www.qulsar.com.

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