QSync Time & Sync as a Service

For datacenters, cloud providers & bare metal service providers

An end to end comprehensive multi-tiered precise timing solution for multiple applications

QSync TSaaS high level view

Precise time is essential and mission critical for many emerging growing applications and market segments.

The opportunity is growing for data centers and cloud based service providers, as more and more compute functions migrate to leveage data centers, bare metal and cloud services.


Key Technologies & Capabilities

The problem

Technologies to deploy a timing solution has remained more or less unchanged over the last two decades with minor changes.

The typical way is to use a time server to derive precision time sync from GPS / GNSS signals, and then use packet based protocols to distribute it to the end-point systems across a wired network.

This approach creates some pain points for the industry:


Qulsar’s end-to-end solution is a customizable comprehensive timing solution that enables data center customers (including bare metal customers) to obtain a high precision, tiered, fault tolerant, flexible time as a service.

Micro-services layered on top of this tiered QSync TSaaS platform offer digital contextual notary and the ability to stitch real time data (especially sensor data) with precise time enabling deep insight and process automation not available today.

QSync TSaaS service architecture

Service Operation

Qulsar's approach offers rapid turn-on service:

Service tiers & delivery modes

PTP / NTP GMs and monitoring software can be accessed by the customer’s systems from the web.  The customer may elect to supplement this with an on-site boundary clock NIC or even a local (edge) GM device.

In addition to this high precision time synchronization platform, some unique innovative microservices are offered as options (verifiable traceability logs, digital notary and sensor data fusion are some examples).


The world’s systems are becoming deeply interconnected, and timing is becoming a mission critical requirement for efficient operations, process control and automation of industrial operations and systems.  The QSync TSaaS is a simple, rapid, scalable way to power up the data center’s infrastructure and bare metal servers with industry leading technology and extend its reach to add value to the end customer’s evolving computing needs.

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QSync TSaaS Overview


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