Technical services

Accelerating and de-risking real-world interconnectivity & context awareness

Qulsar service

  • Rapid adaptation and customization of key industry-leading technologies
  • Innovative solutions to enable application capabilities
  • Highly experienced scalable team with established technical and integration capabilities


  • Private & public mobile network infrastructure time synchronization
  • Real-time edge sensor / data fusion platform
  • High resiliency position, navigation & timing systems (resilient PNT)
  • High value asset tracking
  • High precision timing system / component performance algorithms & measurements
  • Real time industrial IoT & factory automation

Key Technologies & Capabilities

  • High precision time synchronization algorithms
  • Real time data and sensor fusion
  • Ethernet based time packet time sync distribution protocosl (PTP & NTP)
  • Wireless time sync distribution technologies
  • Harnessing satellite based timing systems (GNSS, Iridium / STL)
  • Harnessing ensemble of references for PNT
  • Blockchain technologies for digital notary through time and context
  • Asset tracking with resilient PNT systems


Qulsar service methodology

Service methodology

Time synchronization for private & indoor mobile networks

Private mobile network

Mobile equipment and service providers are grappling with increasingly complex megatrends. As the demand for enterprise and private mobile networks spike, infrastructure is moving indoors.  Precision time synchronization needs to become increasingly part of the supporting structure.  It should be simple to deploy anywhere and inexpensive to operate.

Qulsar is an industry leader in time synchronization technologies, and offers solutions that are designed with in-building deployments in mind.  These solutions can be adapted and customized to accelerate service deployment and innovation at low operational cost.

Qulsar services include

  • Evaluating sync needs of specific network architectures
  • Adapting / customizing sync solution for buildings and campuses
  • Deploying, testing and monitoring performance of sync solutions
  • Enabling real time edge applications with data / sensor fusion capabilities

Useful for

  • Mobile network infrastructure / system companies
  • LTE, 5G, CBRS, SxGP and other private wireless network providers
  • Mobile network operators
  • Enterprises deploying their own private networks
  • Sync component manufacturers

Real time edge sensor / data fusion

Real Time Edge Computing


Real time data is meaningless without context.  To make meaningful system wide deductions, it is essential to know the time a specific dataset was generated and its location.  Without this, the data-stream remain disorganized and uncollated.  While location may be non-variant in some applications, time is ever changing, and needs to be captured with the data.

Qulsar has integrated its industry leading expertise in time synchronization and its understanding of real time systems into a pioneering platform for real time data / sensor fusion.  

The biggest challenge in deployment of such a platform in the real world is the integration required with data sources (whether they be sensors or machines or other electronic equipment).

Qulsar services include

  • Evaluating the precision level of context required to enable the application
  • Adapting / customizing real-time data organization platform (QFuze™)
  • Implementing optimal methods and algorithms to implement real time edge data / sensor fusion
  • Deploying and monitoring performance of the data organization and integration platform

Useful for

  • Smart transport and public transportation monitoring systems
  • Mining and petroleum & gas drilling and exploitation
  • Industrial control and sensor / data fusion systems
  • Real time edge computing applications

Resilient asset tracking and location

Resilient PNT / asset tracking

GPS (GNSS) has been the source of position and timing information for decades now.  Much of the public infrastructure in the USA and world wide depends on GNSS for timing and positioning needs.  However, GNSS signals are weak by design, and easily disrupted.  Most of the time disruptions were owing to physical factors (geography. Indoor location etc.), however recently there has been a surge of willful disruptions from “jammers”.

Qulsar’s industry leadership in ensemble technologies enables it to design “fit for purpose” resilient systems where there is a need to overcome such disruptions or challenges to the reliable reception of GNSS signals. Such resilient solutions can be used for multiple applications:
Secure and resilient fleet tracking (in the face of GNSS jamming threats)
High security geofencing systems

Qulsar services include

Useful for

  • Smart transport and public transportation and safety systems
  • Secure tracking of large assets and vehicles (trucks, trains, buses, heavy cargo equipment in GNSS compromised theaters)
  • Resilient geofencing systems to detect and / or contain high value assets
  • Resilient vehicle navigation & tracking

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