Wireless time sync and sensor data fusion



Qulsar's customer was tasked to design a nomadic rapid deployment system of time-sensitive data collection.  The customer, a recognized leader implementing a cutting edge data science and machine learning systems, was challenged with implementing a time-synchronized sensor fusion system.  The data needed to be collected from multiple sensors and moved from place to place on trucks and needed to be set up and activated quickly.  The data was to be transported over high throughput, off the shelf WiFi routers.


The customer aimed for a simple, smart solution. One of the challenges was to avoid over-reliance on GNSS installations, which had presented its own restrictions:


Qulsar’s solution was to use its standard PTP product, the Qg 2 and supplement it with a specially adapted algorithm that would extract precise time synchronization irrespective of the variations and noise introduced by the WiFi transport layer.

Extensive testing was conducted to make sure the customer could efficiently use Qulsar’s solution without constraints and deployment challenges.

The Result

Qulsar designed a seamless solution for the customer that met the following objectives:

Qulsar was successfully able to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of value, performance and efficiency.

The Status

The customer was satisfied with the solution as it met all the requirements and exceeded their need for accurate synchronized sensor data transfer. They were able to prove the concept of a set of rapidly deployable systems in the field. As of today (June 2022) the system was undergoing field trials prior to full commercialization. A commercial system is expected in 2023.

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