System SW Download

Here you find SW packages for updating Qulsar System products. Packages are zipped and need to be unzipped before being installed.

NOTE: Version 12.2.2 onwards, a valid Software & Support Maintenance (SWM) is required!

Before downloading and installing the SW package, make sure you have a valid Software & Support Maintenance (SWM). A one (1) year SWM is included when you are purchasing a Qg 2 product. After this you can renew your SWM here. If you’re not sure about if your Qg 2 has a valid SWM or, have other questions regarding the SWM, please contact

Current Version

Qg2 products

v12.2.2 Release Notes

v12.2.2 SW package (released on 2023-02-28)

Previous Releases

Qg2 products

v12.2.1 Release Notes

v12.2.1 SW package (released on 2022-12-16)

v12.1.27 Release Notes

v12.1.27 SW package (released on 2021-10-29)

v12.1.26 Release Notes

v12.1.26 SW package (released on 2021-08-13)

v12.1.25 Release Notes

v12.1.25 SW package (released on 2021-04-26)

v12.1.24 Release Notes

v12.1.24 SW package (released on 2020-12-18)

v12.1.23 Release Notes

v12.1.23 SW package (released on 2020-11-03)

v12.1.22 Release Notes

v12.1.22 SW package (released on 2020-06-05)

v12.1.21 Release Notes

v12.1.21 SW package (released on 2020-04-17)

v12.1.20 Release Notes

v12.1.20 SW package (released on 2020-03-02)

v12.1.19 Release Notes

v12.1.19 SW package (released on 2019-12-01)

v12.1.18 Release Notes

v12.1.18 SW package (released on 2019-09-23)

v12.1.17 Release Notes

v12.1.17 SW package (released on 2019-08-07)

v12.1.16 Release Notes

v12.1.16 SW package (released on 2019-05-21)

v12.1.15 Release Notes

v12.1.15 SW package (released on 2019-04-15)

v12.1.14 Release Notes

v12.1.14 SW package (released on 2019-03-07)

v12.1.12 Release Notes

v12.1.12 SW package (released on 2019-02-13)

v12.1.11 Release Notes

v12.1.11 SW package (released on 2018-12-18)

v12.1.10 Release Notes

v12.1.10 SW package (released on 2018-10-30)

v12.1.6 Release Notes

v12.1.6 SW package (released on 2018-07-06)

v12.1.5 Release Notes

v12.1.5 SW package (released on 2018-06-12)

v12.1.4 Release Notes

v12.1.4 SW package (released on 2018-04-16)

v12.1.2 Release Notes

v12.1.2 SW package (released on 2018-02-19)

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