System SW Download

Here you find SW packages for updating Qulsar System products. Packages are zipped and need to be unzipped before being installed.

Before downloading and installing the SW package, make sure you have a valid Software Maintenance contract (SWM). A one (1) year SWM is included when you are purchasing a Qg 2 product. After this you can renew your SWM here. If you’re not sure about if your Qg 2 has a valid SWM contract, or, have other questions regarding the SWM, please contact

Current Version

Qg2 products

v12.1.27 Release Notes

v12.1.27 R1 SW package (released on 2022-05-06)

Previous Releases

Qg2 products

v12.1.27 Release Notes

v12.1.27 SW package (released on 2021-10-29)

v12.1.26 Release Notes

v12.1.26 SW package (released on 2021-08-13)

v12.1.25 Release Notes

v12.1.25 SW package (released on 2021-04-26)

v12.1.24 Release Notes

v12.1.24 SW package (released on 2020-12-18)

v12.1.23 Release Notes

v12.1.23 SW package (released on 2020-11-03)

v12.1.22 Release Notes

v12.1.22 SW package (released on 2020-06-05)

v12.1.21 Release Notes

v12.1.21 SW package (released on 2020-04-17)

v12.1.20 Release Notes

v12.1.20 SW package (released on 2020-03-02)

v12.1.19 Release Notes

v12.1.19 SW package (released on 2019-12-01)

v12.1.18 Release Notes

v12.1.18 SW package (released on 2019-09-23)

v12.1.17 Release Notes

v12.1.17 SW package (released on 2019-08-07)

v12.1.16 Release Notes

v12.1.16 SW package (released on 2019-05-21)

v12.1.15 Release Notes

v12.1.15 SW package (released on 2019-04-15)

v12.1.14 Release Notes

v12.1.14 SW package (released on 2019-03-07)

v12.1.12 Release Notes

v12.1.12 SW package (released on 2019-02-13)

v12.1.11 Release Notes

v12.1.11 SW package (released on 2018-12-18)

v12.1.10 Release Notes

v12.1.10 SW package (released on 2018-10-30)

v12.1.6 Release Notes

v12.1.6 SW package (released on 2018-07-06)

v12.1.5 Release Notes

v12.1.5 SW package (released on 2018-06-12)

v12.1.4 Release Notes

v12.1.4 SW package (released on 2018-04-16)

v12.1.2 Release Notes

v12.1.2 SW package (released on 2018-02-19)

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