5G Open RAN Architectures

5G Synchronization

The transition to 5G mobile technology comes with wide ranging promises in massive improvements in mobile device data rates, improved coverage, connectivity as well as enhanced rich services that enable a new generation of edge applications. One of the strategies is to deploy a disaggregated architecture. And a key enabler is to deploy highly efficient infrastructure. The Open RAN (ORAN) forum has established some efficient disaggregated "splits" that enable highly efficient deployments. The sync (S-plane) implementations defined in these configurations are shown below.

S-plane architectures & Qulsar solutions

One of the biggest architectural changes that started with LTE Advanced and that will be key to 5G deployment is the virtualization of baseband functions – a move that reduces deployment costs but introduces the need for tightly synchronized front- and mid-haul networks, with time alignment requirements evolving from the micro-seconds to sub-100 ns range.

For a revolutionary approach to sync for such disaggregated architectures, Qulsar has evolved a powerful, versatile, modular approach through its Qg iNT family of solutions.

Similarly, for an evolutionary network the following depicts how a sync solution could be efficiently deployed.

Versatile 5G sync solutions

Qulsar’s subsystem Qg iNT provides a rapidly integrateable cost effective solution for the synchronization function in such systems.


Qg iNT solution family

Qg 2 product

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