Leadership Team

Rajen Datta,
President & CEO

Rajen Datta

  • Entrepreneur + Intrapreneur
  • Global marketing + business development
  • 12+ successful products
  • Grew OEM business from $13M to $20M
  • Speaker at multiple industry forums
  • MTM, Wharton

Ola Andersson,

Ola Anderersson

  • Global marketing + business development
  • Pioneered Semiconductor & electronic technologies
  • Infineon IPO team
  • Raised capital for Imsys + management buyout
  • M.Sc Linköping University

Kishan Shenoi,

Kishan Shenoi, CTO

  • 45 issued patents
  • Co-chair, WSTS Tech Committee
  • Regular contributor: ITU-T SG15/Q13
  • Ex-CTO Symmetricom & Floreat
  • Recognized technology leader in timing
  • Led 20+ product designs
  • Author
  • PhD Stanford

Bala Subramaniam,
Vice President of Engineering

Bala Subramanium

  • Extensive expertise in networking systems, monitoring, storage, CPU architecture & embedded semiconductor systems
  • Multiple engineering roles - early startups to large companies
  • Founding member of software team at Cortina Systems, key member enabling growth from $0 to $135M revenue
  • MS in Computer Engg from Villanova University

Hans Brandberg,
Customer Engineering

Hans Brandberg CE

  • 25 years experience from product and methodology development in semiconductor and telecom business
  • Led Concept Engineering of complete SoC for WLAN, GPS, DECT, Bluetooth at Ericsson and Infineon
  • M.Sc. Linköping University

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