What's next for cable? - 5G and Wireless



DOCSIS 3.1 Highlights

  • SPEED: Up to 10Gbps downstream and 2Gbps upstream

  • COST REDUCTION: Up to 50% more capacity over same spectrum at DOCSIS 3.0

  • More spectrum support leading to higher capacity

  • Support for PTP 1588 as DOCSIS Time Interface to carry backhaul traffic

Cable networks will need to deliver precise timing to end nodes such as small cells in order to carry backhaul traffic.

A vast percentage (93%) of US-based households have a cable connection. Cable operators or MSO deliver bundled services such as Internet, TV and fixed landline to their subscribers. They are now adding mobile services to their portfolio by turning into MVNOs in some cases. In addition, they are also gearing up to offer their own mobile services using CBRS platform and unlicensed spectrum.

Cable Connection

DOCSIS Timing Overlay with PTP

  • Ensure CMTSand Remote PHY are time aware i.e. incorporate boundary clocks

  • Deploy PTP GM at the CMTS, deploy PTP EGM at RPD

  • Create end-to-end Timing Flow CMTS to eNodeBs to hold 1.5 us phase between two eNodeBs

  • Improved safety in mining operations

Deploy Cable Networks with Qulsar's timing products

  • Qg 2 Multi-Sync Gateway provides GNSS synchronized time for your network

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