Qg 2: Carrier Grade Multi-Sync Gateway and PTP Grandmaster

Qg 2 carrier grade PTP grandmaster & Multisync Gateway


The Qg 2 is a precision time sync platform designed for:
  • 5G, ORAN, small cell clusters, C-RAN & neutral host deployments
  • Perfectly suited for any 5G S-plane configurations (C1 - C4) & different functional splits of RU/DU/CU in the RAN & edge evolution
  • Smart grid transmission & distribution substations
  • Mobile edge computing & enterprise
  • Industrial IoT & factory automation applications
  • Datacenters & financial applications


  • Designed for easy, ubiquitous deployment
  • Small form-factor, designed for indoor deployments
  • Highly scalable slave capacity
  • Low power consumption
  • High performance PTP clock
  • Simple, easy to deploy, user friendly management
  • Configurable, operates in multiple modes: PTP Grand Master, boundary & gateway clocks
  • Receives, uses and displays both time and location information from multiple GNSS constellations

NEW:  Qg 2 now includes full QZSS support for both time and location information

As 5G evolves from non standalone (NSA) supporting 4G today, to a standalone (SA) architecture with 5G NR, the support for massive MIMO radios, network slicing, low latency and tight synchronization are critical considerations. In order to meet phase and frequency requirements for applications in the 5G service based architecture, deploying more GMs (PRTC) in RAN and at the edge is the optimal solution that helps in future proofing the deployment and associated investment.  The low cost, small footprint Qg2 will be a natural choice for all networks - carrier, cloud provider and private networks.

With virtualization and decomposition of 4G/5G base stations, the newly designed data-centers and CORDs (Central Office Re-architected as Data Centers) require a very high capacity, easily scalable PTP master (T-GM, T-BC) in providing synchronization to hundreds of PTP slave devices. Qg2 with its rich set of features easily meets this challenge..

Next generation networks require this decentralized approach. The Assisted Partial Timing Support (APTS) architecture is designed for these networks and deliver precise phase and frequency to small cells in a scalable and cost-effective manner. Qg 2 is highly field-scalable solution and designed for such edge distributed architectures.

Product Summary

Qg 2 provides IEEE 1588-2008 (PTP) Grand Master and Boundary Clock functionality at low total cost of ownership.  It leverages Qulsar’s unique industry-leading PTP algorithms to deliver stringent timing for LTE-A, LTE-TDD, CBRS (USA), SxGP (Japan), private LTE and  5G architectures (both operator and private) and supports ITU-T G.8265 and G.8275 frequency and phase profiles. The product features multiple oscillator options to deliver a range of holdover performance.

The true innovation in this product lies in its simplicity, high performance, scalability and cost effectiveness. The Qg 2 has some unique features designed to make it easily manageable and provide resilient performance when reference sources are lost.

Refer to the Datasheet for Technical Specifications.


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Qg2 Multi-Sync Gateway Master Datasheet

Qg 2 Considerations for Edge Master Deployment

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