Enhanced control of Industrial Operations at the IoT Edge


The ideal place to implement Machine Intelligence based analytics and control for low-latency time-sensitive applications is at the edge of the network – in the Industrial IoT (IIoT) gateway. Such analytics requires precise timestamping of data that is being collected by various sensors for proper sensor fusion.

IoT Block Diagram

A synchronized operational technology (OT) network enables insightful data analytics and accurate control of Industrial equipment

Hydraulic Production Drill, Courtesy: Atlas Copco

Mining operations and oil/gas exploration 

  • Microsecond level time accuracy for  ‘Measurement While Drilling’ (MWD) data

  • Time synchronization in GNSS-challenged environments (under ground, under water and indoors)

  • Improved safety in mining operations

  • Improved real-time control of mining equipment

Seismic Land Survey and Acquisition

  • Accurate measurements of ‘Time-Difference-of Arrival’ (TDoA) of reflected signals for offshore and undersea land acquisition

  • Enhanced time precision enables proper study and detection of subsurface formations and deposits
Seismic Survey, Courtesy: National Geographic
Wind Turbines, Courtesy: Huffington Post

Wind Turbines

  • Timestamping of sensor data enables greater control of wind turbines for enhanced operational efficiency

  • Improved wake steering control in wind farms

  • Time synchronization in GNSS-challenged environments (indoors)

  • Improved phase control of generated power

Qulsar’s products are ideally suited for the IoT network

Qulsar offers solutions that blend standards compliant solutions with "standards+" technologies.  These make highly accurate and flexible deployments possible today in real environments that are future compatible with TSN compliant infrastructure.

  • Qg 2 Multi-Sync Gateway provides GNSS synchronized time in the OT network, and offers time-series database support

  • Quki wireless sync technology for GNSS challenged environments, and to supplement other solutions


For more information download our White Paper about 'Precise Time Synchronization for Industrial IoT Applications'.

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