Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Precise Time Synchronization for IoT

Precise time synchronization is emerging as a key enabler for IoT infrastructure (especially for industrial IoT). The way an industrial IoT device adjusts its internal clock in order to align with the clocks of other devices in a network is core to solving many emerging real-time IoT application challenges. Even for challenges that do not directly involve real-time applications, it is important for low-power IoT device operations to have a robust and precise synchronized infrastructure.

Synchronized clocks, for example, can pinpoint the moment when a sensor measurement is going to be shared with the network. Beyond just being able to tell the right time when a sensor reading was taken, and therefore enabling critical analytics upstream (or at the edge computing node), bad sync could have other consequences.If device clocks are out sync, messages may collide with other messages being sent by other devices, or waste energy trying to get back in sync. Clocks drift out of synchronization, especially those using low cost, commodity parts (low power IoT applications usually use off the shelf computing parts that are low cost as well, and therefore this becomes a de-facto choice for such implementations).

To keep networking running efficiently, clocks need to be synchronized in order to make the data flow in a reliable way.

For industrial IoT implementations, not having proper time synchronization implementations could have impactful consequences:

P/SaaS IoT Gateway

Qulsar delivers a full end-to-end precise synchronization system that is fit-for-purpose for multiple Industrial IoT applications. The Qg 2 Gateway system is designed to serve as an edge computing gateway system along with its industry leading slave algorithms.  Together they can be used to overcome network packet jitter and variability issues to deliver high precision sync in a scalable, robust way.Qulsar’s mix of P/SaaS and embedded solutions can be deployed in multiple ways at the edge of a network and used as an edge computing platform adaptable for collating and marking time-series data accurately for such applications.

Qulsar solves these problems for emerging applications – contact us if your application needs precise robust timing solutions.

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