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Introduction: Qiq program (Qulsar introduction to Qg 2)

The Qiq program is a special package for first time users of Qg 2 unit(s) and includes: 2x units, a tutorial from our engineers as well as an overview of time and synchronization all packaged and available at a discounted price.  The two units could be used for master / slave or master / boundary clock operations and to verify or check your setups or network.

We can provide you the pricing for specific models as part of this package, as well as for multiple units. Please email us at if interested.

Product Part Numbers

Note:  New Part Numbers for Qg 2

All part numbers of the format: 100-82X-YZ  are new.  The digit "2" reflects new capability (feature) of the Qg 2 to enable configuring GNSS profiles (i.e. choice of constellation).  The previous part numbers had "0" or "1" and were pre-configured for either Beidou or Glonass.  These digits are will be replaced by "2" in the new part numbers.  Orders received with older part numbers would be automatically mapped to the corresponding new part number.  The chart below shows the new orderable part numbers.

Qulsar Qg 2 series

Part Number Description
100-825-02 Qulsar Qg 2, 32 slaves, configurable GNSS, 4 hrs holdover         OUT OF STOCK
100-825-03 Qulsar Qg 2, 32 slaves, configurable GNSS, 8 hrs holdover
100-827-02 Qulsar Qg 2, 128 slaves, configurable GNSS, 4 hrs holdover
100-827-03 Qulsar Qg 2, 128 slaves, configurable GNSS, 8 hrs holdover
100-828-03 Qulsar Qg 2, 256 slaves, configurable GNSS, 8 hrs holdover
100-829-03 Qulsar Qg 2, 450 slaves, configurable GNSS, 8 hrs holdover

Optional Accessories with Qg 2

Part NumberDescription
99-908-01 Aluminium Mounting Bracket Kit
100-200-04 Patch Active GPS Antenna

Click here for information on Qg2 Software Maintenance Renewal Packages


Qg 2 and wireless sync Quki technology are also offered as full in-building time synchronization solution. For more information, please contact

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