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The demand for precise synchronized time has been rising exponentially in both level of precision as well as the range of applications that demand it.  During the industrial revolution the need to coordinate trains, factories, maritime navigation and  communications drove the standardization and synchronization of time as well as the evolution of precise 'chronometers' to keep time.  This happened at the human scale with wall-clock scale time synchronization being sufficient.  Today, machine to machine communications, the need to coordinate more and more data through a limited wireless spectrum and the need to make sense of a ever-widening stream of 'big data' through sensor fusion is ramping up the need for high precision timing.

Qulsar packages, distributes, refines and harnesses time.  This solves emerging requirements in a growing set of new applications in mobile communications (4G advanced & 5G), industrial IoT and the smart city infrastructure.  Qulsar’s solutions are already field deployed and are playing a key role in 4G and industrial Internet of Things (IoT / M2M) networks.  Qulsar is also expanding use of its precise timing technology to solve problems such as network monitoring and precise context.

Qulsar is privately owned and funded and headquartered in San Jose, California and has an office in Kista, Sweden.


Qulsar delivers precise context for multiple mission critical applications. Time and position establish the physical context of a device or event. Precise time plays a key role in making networks more efficient, and in deducing the behavior of a complex, inter-connected dynamic system. Today, our precise timing solutions are playing a key role in solving the bandwidth bottleneck in advanced mobile networks and in enabling real-time applications in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT / M2M).





Qulsar was formed from the merger of Qulsar & Conemtech AB. Read more about the Conemtech Qulsar Merger.

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