Precise context for real-time data

The world’s systems and infrastructures are becoming increasingly inter-connected, generating an ever increasing amount of real-data.  Data, without its context is meaningless.  This data needs to be groomed and wrapped in its “context” (its position and time) to give the data its meaning.

Qulsar offers a unique set of solutions to give data this precise context.

Our solutions see deployment in:



Qulsar is a privately owned and funded startup, located in both San Jose, California (HQ), and Kista, Sweden.

Qulsar delivers precise context for multiple mission critical applications. Time and position establish the physical context of a device or event. Precise time plays a key role in making networks more efficient, and in deducing the behavior of a complex, inter-connected dynamic system. Today, our precise timing solutions are playing a key role in solving the bandwidth bottleneck in advanced mobile networks and in enabling real-time applications in the industrial Internet of Things (IoT / M2M).

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