The world’s systems and infrastructures are becoming increasingly disaggregated, virtualized and yet inter-connected.  They are generating an ever increasing amount of data.  This data needs to be transported efficiently and needs to wrapped in its “context” (its position and time) to give the data its meaning.

Qulsar unique technologies and solutions enable both these underserved needs.

Targeted market segments:

Data in each of these market segments become meaningless without its context.  Qulsar grooms this ever-increasing data-stream and gives it meaning.

5G Infrastructure:

Qulsar's focus is on comprehensive end-to-end solutions for primarily in-building and campus wide time synchronization.




Smart Transport & Infrastructure:

Precise time & micro location required to stitch intelligence into smart transport & infrastructure.  Qulsar is focusing on real-time, fault-tolerant timing and beacon based positioning solutions for next generation smart-infrastructure.


Autonomous Vehicles:

Precise timing is required for sensor fusion inside vehicles (especially autonomous vehicles).  Qulsar delivers full systems solutions to tie in the navigation and senseor fusion networks inside the vehicle and make the in-vehicular network more secure, authenticated and GNSS-independent.


Real time industrial sensor fusion:

Real-time edge computing systems need precise time sync, positioning  & fault tolerance.  Qulsar has systems that can enable such solutons as well as a platform for grooming data, and time-stamping the datastream to enable machine learning (ML) and AI systems to make intelligent deductions based on this groomed data.


Qulsar’s technologies use commercial and open standards wherever possible.



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