The world’s systems and networks are becoming increasingly interconnected while being disaggregated and virtualized.  Precise time synchronization is becoming the essential "thread" weaving together the worlds of efficient communications (through better coordination and spectrum management) and real-world data streams through data and sensor fusion.

4G and 5G mobile networks are fast becoming the primary link to edge solutions over which flexible interconnections are established.  Precision sync solutions are now required as an essential enabler for the their operations.

Once interconnected, systems will generate an ever increasing amount of data.  Real time data from "cyberphysical" systems is meaningless without its context (position and time).  For real time systems, this data needs to be wrapped in its context.

Qulsar unique technologies and solutions enable both these underserved needs.

Targeted market segments:

Data in each of these market segments become meaningless without its context.  Qulsar grooms this ever-increasing data-stream and gives it meaning.


5G Infrastructure:

Qulsar's focus is on comprehensive end-to-end solutions for primarily in-building and campus wide time synchronization.




ORAN, OCP and OTII disaggregated 5G architectures

A few open architectures have emerged to define efficient disaggregated 5G mobile network deployments.  Qulsar has evolved simple precise time sync solutions  tailor made for these architectures.  See the Qg i + QSync subsystem solution for a highly flexible, modular time sync system that is industry-leading and rapidly implementable as an integrated solution.

5G ORAN splits & sync



Real time industrial sensor fusion:

Real-time edge computing systems need precise time sync.  Qulsar's QFuze platform organizes and grooms data and time-stamps the datastream to enable higher level systems to be able to make deductions and and reliable decisions based on the data.


Qulsar focuses on solutions leveraging open standard technologies with unique innovations that add value.


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Qulsar company and solution overview

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