Sensor Fusion in Autonomous Vehicles

Safer Driving in Autonomous Cars

Autonomous vehicles require precise synchronized timing for perception, localization and failsafe operation and control of critical subsystems

Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Control

  • Sensor fusion enables reliable and safe 360◦ sensing in autonomous vehicles

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) relies on precise synchronization for proper operation

  • Data from various sensors, video cameras and LIDAR/RADAR must be precisely timestamped


Autonomous car sensor fusion

Precise in-vehicle synchronization makes it easier to meet Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL-D) requirements

In-vehicle time domain

Complete In-vehicle Synchronization

  • GNSS-synchronized Time Base Master functions as a time reference to a time sub-domain in vehicles

  • Timing slaves that are embedded in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) enable precise time stamping of sensor data

  • Boundary Clocks serve as timing gateways between sub-domains

Enabling V2X Technology

  • Multiple, redundant synchronization options for continuous V2X communication in GNSS-challenged locations

  • Patented, self-healing algorithms augmented with standards-based protocols


V2X Technology

Qulsar’s products meet critical synchronization needs in autonomous vehicles

  • Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) ready

  • Qg2 Grand Master for redundant fault tolerant time sync inside the vehicle

  • Resilient time sources in case of GNSS jamming

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