Qg 2 & Quki: PTP grandmaster with wireless sync distribution

Qg 2 carrier grade PTP grandmaster & Multisync Gateway


The Qg 2 (Quki-w) version is an extension of the Qg 2 precision time sync platform designed for:
  • Precision time transmission over WiFi
  • Industrial sensor and real-time data fusion
  • Rapid in-field deployments for time synchronization distribution
  • Mobile edge computing & enterprise
  • Industrial IoT & factory automation applications
  • Datacenters & financial applications


  • Bridges gaps in wired networks to distribute high precision time sync
  • Leverages enhanced Qg 2 clock servo to overcome inherent WiFi challenges for time distribution

As the world's machines and data streams get more integrated, several applications require precision synchronized time.  Multiple applications such as sensor fusion, health-care and medical data, real-time industrial data, log files for events etc. require precision time stamps or synchronized time.

With the Quki-w technology now the Qg 2 platform can be enhanced to deliver this over both wired as well as wireless (WiFi) networks.  Integrating time and data into a simple, ready to deploy product.

The low cost, small footprint Qg 2 can now be upgraded / enhanced with this special capability and coupled with a WiFi transmitter to be a natural choice for networks integrating time context and data.

Already in field deployments for specialized applications, the special capability of Qg 2 is now available for early adopter customers.

Deployment Summary

Qg 2 Quki-w can now be deployed with a WiFi access point to transmit and receive both time synchronization and data.  The innovation in this product lies in its operation and deployment simplicity, high performance, scalability and cost effectiveness. The Qg 2's high precision and unique features are fully leveraged to make deployment easily manageable.

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Qg2 Multi-Sync Gateway Master Datasheet

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