Investment by Innovationsbron AB

Stockholm, .

Innovationsbron AB invests in the Sweden-based company Conemtech AB, which develops and manufactures Time and Frequency solutions based on the company's proprietary processor architecture. Its innovative features enables accuracies in the nano second range when synchronizing slaves with master clocks in the packet based network. The synchronization products from Conemtech are based on the new IEEE1588-2008 standard with a promising future in telecommunication and power grid networks.

“We see a great potential in Conemtech and its leading-edge synchronization technology. With the M50 series modules the company is well prepared for a battle on a fast growing market” says Investment Manager Pär Carlshamre.

“The investment from Innovationsbron is a confirmation that we are on the right track, and allows us to speed up our already aggressive go-to-market strategy even more” says Conemtech CEO Ola Andersson.

About Innovationsbron

Innovationsbron is active all over Sweden to create a basis for internationally competitive companies by commercializing innovations. Innovationsbron focuses on turning research and innovation into business. Innovationsbron offers expertise, capital and processes to validate commercial ideas. Our vision is for Sweden to become an international leader in commercializing research-related business ideas. Innovationsbron has offices in Luleå, Umeå, Uppsala, Stockholm, Linköping, Göteborg and Lund. Innovationsbron is owned by the State of Sweden and Industrifonden.

About Conemtech

Conemtech is a leading provider of application specific standard products for packet based synchronization. The company’s products are based on a proprietary, highly efficient microprocessor chip. Further, the products are standards compliant and made for very efficient network communications and easy integration in customer equipment. The Conemtech developed IEEE 1588 synchronization technology of high accuracy time and frequency servers for the mobile networks of large operators. The present applications and customer base are telecom and power grid device manufacturers around the world which use the products as either master or slave clocks. The products enable customers to save space, energy and cost for distributed intelligence.

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