The Real-time Software Platform



The Qulsar processors offers a unique way of reconfiguring the hardware layer. This is supported by an advanced toolbox of software. Applications can be written in the language appropriate for solving the problem; currently C and assembler are supported. This enables a highly flexible and optimized environment where projects can "order" more horse powers from the microcoding department. New functions or peripherals can be coded in short time accelerating the applications. E.g when applied on crypto algorithms acceleration factors of 50x have been achieved (moving time critical computations from assembler to microcode).

Using microcode to reconfigure the device

In a normal use model of the software toolbox C is used for complex, not very time critical tasks, for example user interfaces, printer paper handling etc. Assembler is used for medium complexity, medium speed applications such as device drivers. For time critical algorithms, for example parts of the TCP/IP stack, image processing, real-time kernel functions or fast I/O, programs are implemented in microcode. The microcode is then adding new functions and features of the already existing hardware platform.

Developer IDE

The Developer is a visual integrated development environment. The Developer enables debug information at several levels and allows mixed coding in C, assembly language as well as microcode. An application project is created, the programs compiled, files are collected and transferred to the target and the target application is run and debugged, using the Developer. A trace adapter links the PC software to the hardware.

Real-time Operating System

For the C3 platform Qulsar has developed a new operating system - the Rubus® JOS. Designed for and deployed in the automobile industry since decades with its demands on deterministic performance and reliability, it delivers dependability for high performance communication systems. The operating system has a POSIX programming interface.

Flash file system

With the release of Developer version 7 a new power fail safe file system is introduced. It features:

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