Rubus® JOS

The Operating System Kernel and its ancestor

Rubus JOS is a real-time operating system kernel designed forQulsar  processors. It combines the robustness of a static operating environment with the dynamics of eg. Java programming. The services supported are based on the ANSI/IEEE standard 1003.1 (POSIX). Rubus JOS has emanated from Rubus® OS kernel designed by Arcticus Systems for the automotive industry. In the new Rubus JOS resources are allocated dynamically at run-time, whereas the Rubus OS resources are allocated statically, pre-run-time, for maximum dependability.

By supporting the two RTOS kernels for the Qulsar processor a broad range of real-time systems in different application segments as Telecommunications, Consumer Electronics and Automotive can be addressed.

Rubus JOS - Qulsar Target version

The features of Rubus JOS on Qulsar processors are:

To build the complete system software of the Qulsar platforms, the Rubus JOS is merged by a file system, a number of drivers, support for TCP/IP, and peripherals. For programmers wanting to access the operating system directly the Rubus JOS kernel has an API defined in C well documented in the Developer On-line help.


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