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Development Kit DK6



The DK6 is a complete kit for the integrated development environment of Qulsar MTE connected embedded controllers where IEEE 1588 is used for time synchronization. The kit is intended for the development of compact Grandmasters, high precision slaves or gateway (boundary) clocks in the IEEE 1588 network. The DK6 Development Kit is based on the M68 Module which is integrated on the P68 board.

P68 Features

Performance details and Technical Specifications about the P68 board can be found at the following Qulsar Web Site:

Programming and Debugging

With DK6 you get the Developer IDE for developing your own applications for the M68 and a license for downloading FW updates from Qulsar. The included Qulsar Trace Adapter allows for powering of the board and a serial port. It also allows for easy FW updates and extensive debugging of your applications on the target system.

Developer 7.4 is a powerful integrated development environment (IDE) for the M68 Microcontroller family platform. The Developer 7.4 IDE comes set with a framework of programming tools and the chosen form factor profile for time synchronization applications. A source code debugging feature and an event analyzer assist the programmer throughout the project. The "ready-to-go" software includes the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol software stack with a Grandmaster API for the type of Ordinary Clock variant. For slave application programmers an advanced Loop Control filter and Best Master Clock (BMC) algorithm for the slave application is included.

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