femtocell.gif September 7-8, 2010
Presidential Plaza, Beijing, China

Conemtech and SigNav Demonstrate
GPS and IEEE 1588 solution for Femtocells

The Cina Femtocell Symposium is held on Sep 7-8 , 2010, at the Beijing Presidential Plaza Hotel. The event is organized by the Beijing Internet Institute, BII, and Avren Events in cooperation with the not-for profit membership organization Femto Forum. The Femto Forum is chartered to encourage the growth of a partner ecosystem committed to innovation in standards-based network infrastructure and to achieve high levels of collaboration and product interoperability.

Femtocells are set to revolutionize the wireless industry and this event is a perfect opportunity to learn how the technology works, and how it has been and plan to be implemented in various Asian markets.


One of the most challenging topics for the femtocell developer and the operator is to synchronize high number of femtocells with the existing network and other nearby devices to maximize the experience and utilize the bandwith allocated. GPS and IEEE 1588 are the two most cost efficient technologies available and they often need to cooperate to achieve the sufficient synchronization in the indoors environment and complex backhaul networks.

Live Demonstration

The Australian GPS manufacturer SigNav Pty Ltd. (www.signav.com) and Swedish 1588 technology provider Conemtech AB (www.conemtech.com) share a booth with the Chinese distributor company Jumpo at the exhibition next to the conference. The companies demonstrate live how an indoor GPS unit interacts with a network and the IEEE 1588 technology under various conditions.

IEEE 1588 + GPS Demonstration Setup

For more information contact:

Ola Andersson
CEO, Conemtech AB
Cellular +46 706 74 9393
E-mail ola.andersson@conemtech.com

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