Conemtech launches New
Network Assisted Synchronization Service Platform
for the Internet of Synchronized Things


Time, Phase and Frequency Synchronization for New Generation Networks

KISTA, Sweden, September 26, 2013 – Conemtech AB, a leader in miniaturized solutions for packet network synchronization, today announced a new reference platform for synchronizing large networks. The new M60 products will help to cost-effectively deploy modern synchronization techniques for operators with ambition to increase capacity and user experience. The M60 incorporates several of the modern network synchronization technologies starting to be deployed in numbers including global satellite time references, Precision Time Protocol from Grandmasters and Synchronous Ethernet. Its low latency pass-through technology enables an upgrade of existing installations in form of low cost add-on dongles, or, becoming part of new designs by replacing some generic standard parts found in all network equipment.

The increase of subscribers and new mobile services inevitably leads to an increasing number of subscriber access points in the cellular networks. For a large scale network with many small cell sites a synchronization service of high quality means better user experiences and a higher utilization of the frequency spectrum allocated to provide services to the increased number of subscribers. The scenario gets even more complex with the convergence of telecom networks with smart grid. Coordinating the time and phase will be crucial when new generation small cell products will operate within the same geographical coverage as the macro cells previously deployed. The new LTE-A standards call for methods to more accurately synchronize the nodes, but the business case for better time and phase distribution can be proven also for existing 3G networks. The M60 is tailored to this scenario of new generation networks and especially the Internet of Synchronized Things.

“Our design philosophy in the making of the M60 is to provide large networks with a number of available synchronization methods in a low cost form to effectively synchronize a massive number of nodes. This can only be achieved by miniaturizing the technology and making it replace other components with it’s budgets and footprints”, says Ola Andersson CEO of Conemtech. “With the M60 we have chosen the physical layer interface component, the PHY, as the main device to replace besides the oscillator. Wrapped in our instantPTP™ product packaging with transparent and clear interfaces, the advanced features of the M60 can be used by all designers of network capable equipment, both in telecom and smart power grids which share some similar inherent properties.”


The first version of the M60 will ship to customers in December this year with series production planned for 2014. More information to be found on

About Conemtech

Conemtech is a leading provider of application specific standard products for packet based synchronization. The company’s products are based on a unique, highly efficient microprocessor technology. Conemtech IEEE 1588 products are standards compliant and made for efficient network communications and easy integration in customer equipment. The Conemtech IEEE 1588 synchronization technology is now providing high accuracy time and frequency servers and slaves for the mobile networks of large operators. Customers include telecom and smart power grid device manufacturers around the world. The products can be used as grandmasters, or slave clocks. The products enable customers to save cost, energy and space in distributed synchronization systems.

For more information about this press release, or Conemtech, please contact Ola Andersson, CEO Conemtech,, mobile +46 70 674 9393, or, visit

Conemtech AB, Torshamnsgatan 35, SE-164 40 KISTA, Sweden Tel: +46 8 750 78 50.


Download M60 Press Image (4.7 Mb, 95.3 x 95.3 mm, 300 dpi)

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