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Time and frequency synchronization for base stations

Kista, Sweden, and Chengdu, China – January 31, 2011 – Conemtech AB and Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd. (DTT) today announced the win of an order in which DTT, a leading telecom equipment manufacturer in China, will manufacture and ship 1588 equipment to China Mobile, a major operator the Chinese market. The first deliveries are to be completed within next month. This denotes a commercial and technical break-through of packet network synchronization products for both DTT as well as the Stockholm based semiconductor company.

IEEE 1588-2008 is the new packet based network synchronization technology which will be used in the new generation of mobile networks. The technology accurately distributes information about time and frequency from master clocks being synchronized to a reference time sources, e.g. Global Navigation Satellite Systems like GPS or Beidou. In large deployments slave clocks will use a combination of network and satellite based technologies, or local high accuracy oscillators, to complement and act as backup in the event of signal drops. IEEE 1588 technology delivers this synchronization to the lowest cost. A highly synchronized mobile network delivers increased capacity and quality of service, as it allows for greater call capacity and data bandwidth. The IEEE 1588 technology also provides for lower latencies for the individual subscribers and fewer call drops when moving between cells in the system.

The success comes after a series of development iterations and extensive testing in the operator’s networks. The final system fulfills the requirements of the operator, adapting this world-wide standard to the conditions and special requirements of the Chinese market. A version of the system will also be targeted for synchronizing in the Chinese power grid.

“This order is our most important accomplishment recently and is the result of two main developments. On the one hand it is proof of that our microprocessor and miniaturized systems are world-class and on the other hand that the market for the IEEE 1588 technology has reached a critical stage of maturity,“ says Conemtech CEO Ola Andersson , “I expect other customers to follow now as large operators show the way. We now see an emerging trend that the traditional SDH type of synchronization is being phased out as the new packet network’s capacity is installed to cope with the increasing traffic from smartphones and other mobile broadband devices.”

"The Chinese telecom market is increasing at even higher rates with new 3G services introduced this year and 4G coming up," said Zhong Dingsi, Chief Product Manager for timing products in Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd. "As a leading supplier of synchronization equipment for wireless systems, we are challenged to meet the Chinese operators' growing needs for flexible and rapidly implemented new technologies. Datang has selected the Conemtech technology for its upgradeable state-of-the-art technology and flexible way to cooperate in the Chinese market."

Conemtech entered the Chinese market in 2008 through a partnership with the Hong Kong based Array Asia company. Since that time, the company has established design-in partners throughout Asia, targeting customers with primarily telecom and power grid applications.

About Conemtech

Conemtech is a leading provider of application specific standard products for packet based synchronization. The company’s products are based on a proprietary, highly efficient microprocessor chip. Further, the products are standards compliant and made for very efficient network communications and easy integration in customer equipment. The Conemtech developed IEEE 1588 synchronization technology of high accuracy time and frequency servers for the mobile networks of large operators. The present applications and customer base are telecom and power grid device manufacturers around the world which use the products as either master or slave clocks. The products enable customers to save space, energy and cost for distributed intelligence.

About Datang

Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. is a public high-tech enterprise owned by the MII's (Ministry of Information Industry) CATT (China Academy of Telecom Technology). Formed in 1998, Datang is a leading Chinese telecom equipment supplier with its own intellectual property rights. Currently the brand "Datang" covers the products lines in the field of Microelectronics, Software, Access, Terminals, Communication Application and Service, etc. Products are broadly used by ILEC/CLEC, cellular and enterprises including the military and are exported to Central and Southeast Asia, Europe and Americas.


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