QNgine-S PTP Solution for end nodes

Optimized for Small Cells and 5G New Radios


Qulsar’s QNgine-S is a leading-edge time-synchronization solution targeted at end-node applications that require high precision timing, such as LTE small cells and 5G NRs, and utilizes the IEEE 1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) which was designed to provide time delivery across data networks with higher precision than alternative techniques such as NTP.

In a real-world network where synchronization functions are shared with data transport, multiple sources of errors can introduce uncertainty and inaccuracy into time distributed over packet networks, with variable delays in the transit time of each packet, referred to as packet delay variation (PDV), being the major contributor. Within the equipment itself, errors in recording the exact sending and receiving time of synchronization packets can also contribute to significant inaccuracies in the recovered time. The QNgine-S solution is designed to mitigate both of these factors to provide time recovery to the sub-microsecond accuracies needed by next-generation applications. A world-class clock recovery servo, which includes adaptive algorithms to adjust to network conditions, is used to mitigate the effects of network PDV and allow accurate time recovery under conditions of heavy network loading. This is coupled to the hardware timestamping capabilities of the host platform to eliminate errors caused by timestamping packet ingress and egress with an inaccurate software clock. The result is that QNgine-S allows frequency locking and time recovery to far higher accuracy than NTP and other open-source solutions. Additionally, QNgine-S support both unicast and multicast operation and multiple PTP profiles to allow it to be integrated into a wide range of applications and network types.

QNgine-S is a software-only solution targeted at the system-on-a-chip (SOC) devices commonly used in end nodes. QNgine-S is currently available for the Intel (Mindspeed) Transcede T2000 and T3000 SOCs (as integrated in Intel-defined small cell reference designs) and for the Qualcomm FSM9016 and FSM9955 SOCs, with additional platforms planned. QNgine-S is supplied in the form of an integratable object code library along with example usage applications and all necessary documentation. Qulsar’s design services division can provide integration support and customization to non-standard platforms.

To learn more about QNgine-S, including licensing options or support for other platforms, please contact our Sales Team.


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