Qulsar’s IEEE 1588 synchronization products feaures a maximum of interconnectivity and standards compliance. The instantPTP™ technology allows users to buy a single component and implement IEEE 1588 synchronization without extensive development costs or design-in times. InstantPTP™ can be applied to new systems or retrofitted to existing designs, and does not require extensive knowledge of IEEE 1588 protocols.


PTP Simplified

We have put all our effort in making the product work from the start – to maximize the users experience. This is true both from the user’s perspective of being able to deploy standardized, maintainable technology, as well as the programmer’s view of be able to get into the bits and pieces of the technology to tune products to a specific environment.

Zero Effort Integration – Automated Adaptation

The high-level user interface has been given an extra layer of functionality to enable a software code-free implementation. The instantPTP™ products now connect and adapt to different line conditions, entirely without the need for software integration in its host system or extensive field tests to establish the best set of parameters.

Pass Through Technology – New Possibilities

InstantPTP™ is primarily targeted as the slave clock in the packet network. An important element of the instantPTP™ enabled products is dual Ethernet channels. It is simple to insert the Qulsar P50 board-level product, or a one square inch M50 module, into the signal path and benefit from having distributed GPS-like accuracy in an embedded environment. These system components terminate the synchronization protocol communication without interfering with the host data payload.

IPv6 – Tomorrows IP protocol

InstantPTP™ products are IPv6 capable from the start for synchronization, and future-proof your IEEE 1588 investment.

Management Interface – Now Secure

Management can be centralized and communication with the new SSH server offers the same level of access and control as a local terminal. The Qulsar products are designed from the start to support field update schemes.

Miniaturized Technology - at Your Finger Tip

InstantPTP™ software and hardware work to create a synchronization environment ready for field-tests as soon as you connect the components. Unlike other independent software or hardware offerings in the market, instantPTP™ drastically shortens your product’s time-to-market and ensures standards compliance in several industries without compromising your control or your budget. Customers, who might be afraid that we wrapped our products too tightly, are invited to open another window of flexibility with our Integrated Development Environment and tune the different functional blocks designed around the integrated hardware timestamp engine

All Profiles Supported

Besides the IEEE 1588-2008 default profile, Qulsar supports the ITU defined telecom profiles and the power profiles for unprecedented and complete application coverage.

Same Breed of Products for Grandmasters

Qulsar’s standard modules are complete IEEE 1588-2008 grandmaster clocks. The modules are complete synchronization systems. Just connect a reference, like a GNSS module, and the module will convert and broadcast the time and frequency information to other modules around your packet network.

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