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Qulsar provides full end-to-end solutions for precision time synchronization. Based on IEEE 1588, but enhanced with Qulsar’s own servo algorithm and techniques for extracting and refining precise time. These algorithms are integrated into Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine modules (M6X family) and also on the new Managed Clock Engine modules (M88 family). For some key applications, the core capabilities have been ported to specific Silicon platforms, and can operate at a premium level through a reference design that implements these capabilities on specific system on chip (SoC) platforms.

Qulsar’s wireless sync distribution technology transcends the need for a wired Ethernet network, and leverages open unlicensed spectrum to distribute time to end-points.

Qulsar’s IEEE 1588 solution has also been implemented in the Qg 2, which embodies Qulsar’s platform / software (P/SaaS) sync service. This light-weight yet versatile platform can be deployed in a network and used to distribute sync in a scalable, robust way to end-points. The Qg 2 platform will continue to evolve, integrating multiples sources of sync including SyncE, IEEE 1588 (PTP) as a boundary clock, as well as some powerful alternative sources of sync from beacon. Detailed sync network analytics are available from the Qg 2 platform on demand to get deeper insight into the network.

Qulsar’s technologies use commercial and open standards wherever possible.  Time is extracted, from commercial sources (such as GNSS and other beacons) refined and distributed using industry-standard protocols such as IEEE 1588 (PTP).  Qulsar’s industry-leading algorithms extract precise time in spite of jitter and delay variations introduced during the packets’ transit through the network.
Our short-range wireless sync distribution technology (over unlicensed band) can solve commercially-onerous re-wiring requirements associated GNSS-based synchronization.


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