Qulsar Master Collection

Edge Grandmaster

Complete set of features packaged in a low cost product for packet based synchronization:

  • Leading Technology
  • Integrates GPS, Oscillator and PTP technology for synchronization
  • LTE, LTE-A applications
  • PoE option
  • 0.15l volume, max 1.5W.


M60 Edge Grandmaster

P50 OEM Systems Board

Full system implementation with connectors:

  • M50 based
  • Choice of Oscillator for Holdover performance
  • Advanced CLI
  • System Access via serial channels or Ethernet
  • FTP, SSH, Telnet
  • Choice of optical or electrical Ethernet
  • Optional Maintenance port.


P50 Edge Grandmaster

M50 Network Synchronization Module

Edge Grandmaster functionality:

  • Complete PTP stack implementation
  • Telecom profile ITU G.8265.x for frequency and upcoming G.8275.x for time
  • Power profile IEEE PC37.238
  • Up to 250 slaves
  • Multicast, Unicast operation
  • L2 and L3, P2P and E2E
  • PTP over IPV4 and IPV6
  • Support sync rates up to 128 Hz
  • Max power 660 mW.


M50 Edge Grandmaster

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