Get Started Evaluation Kits


In order to simplify evaluation of the Qulsar M-series modules, a number of Get Started evaluation kits are available. Separate kits are available for the M60 and M80 series modules and come in three levels:

  • Get Started Kit Basic – For customers who want to bypass the evaluation stage and just need the necessary tools to integrate an M-series module directly into their design.
  • Get Started Kit Lite – For customers who have an existing PTP grandmaster and test network and want to evaluate the M-series module in this environment.
  • Get Started Kit – For customers with no existing PTP infrastructure who need everything required for evaluation in a single, convenient package.

Purchase of any Get Started kit includes extended support for the M-series modules, which covers:

  • Module integration support
  • Schematic and layout reviews
  • Prototype bring-up support
Get Started Kit

(M60 and M80 Series)

Get Started Kit Lite

(M60 and M80 Series)

Get Started Kit Basic
Qulsar PTP Grandmaster
Indoor GNSS Antenna
Gigabit Ethernet Switch
M6x or M88 Evaluation Unit
Trace Adapter (for module programming)
Software Development Kit
Cables and Power Supplies
Online Documentation
Technical Support
Firmware Upgrades

M60 Get Started Kit Quick Start Guide (PDF)




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