Safer Driving in Autonomous Vehicles

Safer Driving in Autonomous Cars

Autonomous vehicles require GNSS-synchronized timing for perception, localization and failsafe operation and control of critical subsystems

Sensor Fusion for Intelligent Control

  • Sensor fusion enables reliable and safe 360◦ sensing in autonomous vehicles

  • Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) relies on precise synchronization for proper operation

  • Data from various sensors, video cameras and LIDAR/RADAR must be precisely timestamped


Autonomous car sensor fusion

Precise in-vehicle synchronization makes it easier to meet Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL-D) requirements

In-vehicle time domain

Complete In-vehicle Synchronization

  • GNSS-synchronized Time Base Master functions as a time reference to a time sub-domain in vehicles

  • Timing slaves that are embedded in Electronic Control Units (ECUs) enable precise time stamping of sensor data

  • Boundary Clocks serve as timing gateways between sub-domains

Enabling V2X Technology

  • Multiple, redundant synchronization options for continuous V2X communication in GNSS-challenged locations

  • Patented, self-healing algorithms augmented with standards-based protocols


V2X Technology

Qulsar’s products meet critical synchronization needs in autonomous vehicles

  • Designed to be Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) ready

  • Qg2 Grand Master/M88 timing modules and/or QNgine software are easy to integrate into Electronic Control Units (ECUs)

  • M88 timing module serves as a Global Time Master, synchronizing to GNSS, and alternative time and position references to deliver a reliable self-healing solution


Qulsar Products

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