Qulsar Precise Time Synchronization Solution Addresses Requirements for Accelerating Small Cell Deployments


Versatile Timing Platform for Next-Generation Wireless, Power Grid & the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure

San Jose, CA Qulsar, Inc., a provider of embedded time synchronization solutions, today announced the release of its next generation Managed Timing Engine (MTE) 6X series platform. This plug-and-play platform meets the exacting synchronization requirements of 4G LTE wireless networks, smart power grid and the Internet of Things markets.

Mobile technology standards, such as TD-LTE and LTE-Advanced, continue to drive the need for precise timing. The next generation 4G LTE infrastructure relies on higher precision timing to efficiently handle an increasing traffic load over a finite spectrum and mitigate interference, thereby improving the quality of service. The growing sophistication and deployment complexity of HetNets and small cells, inherent in next-generation networks, places a burden on network operators to deploy ubiquitous, precise time synchronization. Environmental factors such as urban canyons and indoor coverage challenges require the capability to derive timing from multiple timing inputs (such as GNSS/GPS, IEEE 1588 PTP and Synchronous Ethernet) for a robust solution.

Until today, time synchronization solutions have remained fragmented in their approach, without the flexibility to handle the rapidly evolving changes in mobile network architectures. Qulsar’s MTE is a versatile synchronization solution that meets the requirements of network architectures which are deployable in multiple scenarios.

"Higher precision synchronization requirements must be supported across packet backhaul networks deployed to roll out 4G LTE-Advanced. This is neither easy nor a given on most packet networks without careful engineering—and this is driving the need for an evolved sync architecture,” stated Michael Howard, Principal Analyst, Infonetics Research. “Qulsar's Managed Timing Engine platform is an innovative approach to solve these issues in a more robust way over many distinct network designs. Mobile network operators and backhaul transport providers will want to examine this new technology embedded in the backhaul products they evaluate for future purchases."

“As we continue to optimize phase delivery for 4G LTE networks, our versatile, low power and cost effective, Managed Timing Engine solutions are ready to meet operators' evolving need for precise timing in next generation mobile networks,” said Rajen Datta, President and CEO of Qulsar, Inc.
Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine products are available for immediate shipment worldwide.
For more information visit http://qulsar.com

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Qulsar offers a comprehensive portfolio of embedded time synchronization solutions for emerging Carrier, Enterprise, Power and Internet of Things markets. Qulsar is headquartered in San Jose California with an R&D center in Kista, Sweden. Visit http://qulsar.com

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