Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine Enhances Timing Synchronization in Cavium Small Cell Base Station Designs


SAN JOSE, Calif., June, 5, 2015: Qulsar, Inc., a provider of embedded precise synchronization solutions for LTE, LTE-A and mobile backhaul announced the successful integration of Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine onto Cavium’s OCTEON® Fusion CNF7100 eNodeB reference design. This integration enables ODMs and OEMs of Cavium’s LTE small cell to add a highly accurate IEEE 1588 timing capability to their FDD and TDD LTE eNodeB products.

Cavium’s OCTEON Fusion processors are the industry’s most powerful “base station on a chip SoCs”, and are among the most widely deployed enterprise-class LTE small cells. The OCTEON Fusion CNF7130-based designs support up to 128 simultaneous LTE users, offer a wide selection of RF band options and are very power and cost efficient.

Qulsar’s M64 Managed Timing Engine (MTE) is a fully integrated high performance turnkey timing solution for IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) (master / slave). The M64 delivers stringent phase performance for LTE-TDD and LTE-A applications for 4G and 5G radio access networks. The M64 is fully compliant with ITU G.8261, G.8265 for frequency and G.8271 for phase profile, while lowering the total cost of the solution through use of a cost effective TCXO. Qulsar’s M64 MTE has been shipping for precise time based applications in telecom, power smart grids, Industrial IoT and broadcast networks.

“The OCTEON Fusion family delivers breakthrough capacity and throughput for LTE small cell base stations through a high performance multi-core architecture. Cavium is pleased to offer a joint, market-ready small cell solution timed by Qulsar’s IEEE 1588 PTP based Managed Timing Engine products”, said Raj Singh General Manager of Cavium's Wireless Broadband Group.

With the ever increasing demand for data and more heterogeneous networks, operators are increasingly looking at ways to make the RAN more efficient and scalable. “We are excited to partner with Cavium to jointly deliver a high performance, ubiquitously deployable, cost optimal, robust and flexible timing solution that accelerates network densification solutions such as small cells based on Cavium’s industry leading platform”, said Rajen Datta, President and CEO of Qulsar.

About Qulsar

Qulsar is a provider of embedded time synchronization solutions for the emerging mobile, networking and backhaul infrastructure. Qulsar uses a unique approach to harness available synchronization signals to deliver high precise timing that meets the evolving high precision synchronization requirements in a cost optimal solution.

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