Production Manager / Engineer

Placement in Kista, Sweden

About Us

Qulsar is a team of people changing the world of precision context through precise time synchronization.  During the industrial revolution one of the key innovations is alignment of time and time-zones.  This enabled transport infrastructures to be implemented and large regional economies spanning several cities were realized. Our products are used in the emerging LTE-advanced, 5G, and IoT infrastructure.

At that time, this happened on a human scale.  And now, an analogous revolution is about to happen at a digital / machine scale, world wide.  We are about to unlock efficiencies across world-wide networks, and enable analytics of data, network operations and a lot more.  Exciting?  Come join us on this mission.

We package, distribute, refine and harness time.  We do this using multiple technologies and both standard and non-standard approaches.  We walk off the beaten path often, work hard, think hard and laugh together.  We are a team looking to grow.

So if you enjoy solving problems that span multiple-domains, and are not afraid to take on conventional approaches and turning them on their heads, talk to us.

We are rapidly expanding and hiring more development talents in Sweden and United States to keep up with the market demands driving new development projects into products. Parallel to this, we are expanding our team with a dedicated job position to be responsible for the company's manufacturing in a broader sense. We are looking for individuals interested in working in a multinational environment on all continents.

Introduction to the role

Production Manager in Operations - Purchasing, Electronic Production and Delivery Our Kista office is now recruiting an employee with responsibility for the product delivery with a manufacturing perspective. You are probably a production engineer today with an experience of producing volume series of consumer like electronics, miniaturized using advanced PCB, ASSP and FPGA technologies. This job requires that you possess know-how to manufacture and test products in a high volume scenario as well as how to get the parts in and out of a manufacturing location. Sometimes, production takes place across the street, but other times in completely different parts of the world.

In addition to evaluating and purchasing manufacturing capacity and electronic components, you will constitute our very important interface for our specialized subcontractors where we need to leverage their respective competences. This means technical assistance to suppliers with yield improvements, testing technology and product choices for new features. We have designed parts of the on-line test equipment used by manufacturers ourselves and you will be responsible for the further development of these.

Your "co-workers" will mainly be located at subcontractors. This places great demands on leadership and negotiation skills through the established interfaces. A very good ability to express yourself in writing as well as speech in the English-speaking environment in which we work is an important prerequisite.


Other Qualifications / Experience

We are a diverse team, and we actively encourage motivated, problem solvers of all backgrounds (especially those from under-represented minorities) to apply.

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