QNgine Servo Software

Qulsar’s QNgine Servo SW is a leading-edge IEEE 1588-2008 PTP time recovery solution targeted at end-node applications such as LTE and 5G small cells which require precision timing approaching the sub-microsecond level.

The Precision Time Protocol (PTP) defined in IEEE 1588-2008 was conceived as a replacement for existing methods, such as NTP, to address the emerging requirements calling for very precise time and frequency recovery over practical data networks. The core PTP standard defines the framework needed to enable such performance, but the actual achievement of that performance is gated by the availability of supporting features such as hardware packet timestamping, backed up by advanced algorithms to mitigate the effects of packet delay variation caused by ever-increasing amounts of data traffic in real-world networks.

The QNgine Servo SW allows leading edge PTP performance to be achieved in highly cost-sensitive solutions by running directly on existing system-on-a-chip implementations without requiring custom hardware. Support is currently available for the Intel (Mindspeed) Transcede T2k and T3k SOCs, which form the heart of many small cell solutions, matching the QNgine Servo SW with the SOC’s in-built timestamping MAC and open-sourced PTP stack software. This combination uniquely allows small cell developers to achieve PTP performance far superior to “free” PTP software solutions while retaining the ability for the developer to customize PTP stack features if needed.

To learn more about QNgine Servo SW, including licensing options and support for other platforms, or if you are interested in evaluating the solution yourself, please email sales@qulsar.com.

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