Vision: Enabling performance through precision timing.

Qulsar is a privately held, funded startup company based in San Jose, California, U. S. A. and Kista (near Stockholm), Sweden.  The Qulsar team has extensive domain expertise in precision timing systems and network based distribution of precision timing.  It is introducing an innovative set of solutions to solve contemporary and emerging synchronization problems, focused on the networking, mobile and power infrastructure.

Qulsar offers a comprehensive portfolio of embedded time synchronization solutions for emerging Carrier, Enterprise, Power and Internet of Things markets.


Qulsar is the merger of two innovative companies, Conemtech (Sweden) and Qulsar (Silicon Valley, California, USA).  The company designs carrier class precision timing solutions, especially targeted towards the new Mobile infrastructure.

The merger is a perfect melding of expertise in processor platform optimization, PTP protocols, time synchronization algorithms, networking and specialized knowledge in the physics of timing technologies.  The combined company has a vision of changing the world through ubiquitous precise timing.


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